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Planet Diver is around a daring adrenaline junkie handling her most up to date fixation: Wing suit plunging. With her nearby mechanical Buddy she’ll head out crosswise over space to search out the most perilous planets and their separate gorges to make the plunge. You’ll jump through an assortment of fatal and extraordinary planets, battling off the vegetation of every region, while gathering profitable star stuff to further store your undertakings.

Utilize your well deserved prizes to travel to more inaccessible planets, and in addition to secure new outfits and uncommon capacity modifiers! Along the way you can contend online for the best jump or attempt to open prizes by finishing intense difficulties. Watchful how profound you plunge however… Who knows what sleeps inside of the planet’s center?

A broad battle made out of 3 planets, 9 biomes and 75 novel missions with a particular story and difficulties.

Painstakingly made, arbitrarily produced gaps that make every jump interesting!

A perpetual arcade mode for every planet that stretches the test as far as possible.

All planets have their own extraordinary biomes, deterrents, foes and managers!

Quick paced gameplay where you have to stay away from, brake and accelerate like a master!

Interesting hindrances and foes like bats that take after everything you might do, magma that gradually removes your break or a… goliath whale?!

A great deal of alarming manager battles that require quick reflexes and a sharp personality.

A lively setting with a fun, eccentric story to investigate in the profundity of space!

A cool astro shop brimming with unlockables such as plunging suits, modifiers and music!

Aggressive leaderboards for the score addicts out there!

A lot of shrouded easter eggs that can be found all through the broad planet surfaces you investigate!

Planet Diver CD-Key

Planet Diver CD-Key

This app was coded on Visual C++ and before you download the product you need introduced the accompanying programming:

  • .Net Framework 4
  • Planet Diver disc key

The most effective method to utilize the Planet Diver CD-Key Generator:

  • Download Planet Diver CD-Key Generator and open it.
  • Make sure that the Proxy highlight is ON.
  • Press “Create Key” button.
  • That is it! The procedure ought to take around one moment.
  • After era utilize this key for actuate the game. On the off chance that the code is not right, you simply press the “Create” button once more, do this until the code will be right. Appreciate!
  • Clue: Do not impart your CD Key to anybody

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